An alumni member is a former ESHRA graduate who wishes to get involved in the school’s activities, promote its brand image and the employability of the alumni and recent graduate community. The Alumnis’ mission is to animate the community of ESHRA graduates and students, by promoting solidarity among them.

Alumnae members are involved in the student life and academic activities of the institution, specifically, they are invited to participate in the following activities:


  • New student admission process
  • Participate in new student immersion days and promote the values of the institution
  • Experience sharing meetings related to the curriculum and the usefulness of its content in the professional world and the hospitality industry.
  • Participation and organization of events related to sustainable development
  • Participate in academic or professional events organized by ESHRA: graduation parties, meetings, workshops, workshops, conferences, cultural visits, etc…
  • Collaborate with the school ambassadors and the student office: Support, advice and tutoring.
  • Animation of the alumni network, including via social media, and developing a sense of belonging to the ESHRA community.
  • Facilitating the professional integration of students and graduates.