The members of ESHRA’s pedagogical management ensure the quality and relevance of the pedagogical and technical means implemented to achieve the objectives of the courses.


From the start of his studies, the student is confronted with various group work. Group work is an important aspect of pedagogy. Group work allows the student to know how to integrate and manage a team and deal with conflicts. Group work often involves the solving of practical problems, as well as a project management methodology with obligations of results.


Each student must be prepared to devote a large part of their time to personal work and to the preparation of group and class discussions. Personal work is as important as the course and is essential for good learning. The teachers accompany the students in the realization of their individual work through proximity coaching to achieve the course objectives and the increase in competence of the learners.


We encourage our teachers to use pedagogical methods that promote student participation and interactivity during lessons. We favor the flipped classroom system, public speaking in case studies and the use of management tools studied in the professional environment to arouse the student’s interest in the subjects taught.


Among the teaching methods favored in the study program, we have role-playing games and management simulations, which represent important tools for confronting students with the reality of the field, with the challenges and constraints attached to it. . Spaces related to hotel operations and ESHRA points of sale, of different standards, allow students to practice hotel management to reinforce the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in class and in the laboratory.


The control of the knowledge acquired is carried out systematically and periodically, by physical or electronic means, at the level of each subject taught with the aim of measuring the rate of absorption of knowledge and bringing the appropriate regulations to compensate for the weaknesses observed in the qualitative progression of the students.