Dean’s word

Word from the Pedagogical Manager:

The pedagogical practice of our school (ESHRA) is based on systematic training based on standards and training objectives approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research within the framework of the LMD for the degree in hotel management and catering.

The latter is based on a training program for high school graduates (options: scientific, economics and management, mathematics and techniques), spanning three years of study with a final cycle degree thesis.

The Pedagogical Directorate ensures this diploma training in line with the needs of the hotel industry and the evolution of the tourism sector in Algeria in general, and particularly the hotel sector.

The pedagogical direction of the school works according to a workload plan developed by the General Director and is based mainly on the opening of ESHRA to national and international partnerships.

ESHRA also provides other types of training in partnership, especially in Specialized Postgraduate, and plans to offer a diploma training in the Master’s cycle for the following specialties:

  • Hotel Management;
  • Accommodation Management;
  • Restaurant Management.

The school’s faculty is mainly composed of senior university professors, experts, and instructors, who adopt a theoretical and practical teaching method with modern teaching methods, focusing on the values that revolve around the didactics of subjects, by imparting to students knowledge (understanding), know-how (competence), and know-how (attitude). These values will be a valuable contribution to future leaders and managers in the hospitality industry.

Docteur Sahel Fateh