Tuition fees

Tuition fees: 600,000 Da HT – (654,000 TTC) – possibility of payment split into 02 installments per year at the beginning of each semester.


Related services: The school has several services for students, namely: catering, accommodation, laundry and sports complex. Please note that fees for related services are not included in tuition fees.


Admission requirements:


  • Hold a Baccalaureate in Science, Mathematics, Technology, Economics and Management, Letters and philosophy as well as foreign languages.
  • Succeed in the entrance examination


Entrance Examination:


The admission competition will consist of passing 03 written tests (Mathematics, general knowledge and English) and a 15-minute oral interview before an admission jury.

Written tests:

Mathematics and applied logic (Ref. Graduate Mangagement Admission Test / Tage Post Bac) – Coefficient 03
General knowledge (tourism, economy or topical subject) – Coefficient 02
English – Coefficient 01

The oral interview:

The interview makes it possible to assess the motivation, the state of mind as well as the communication and analytical skills of the candidates. It also consists of evaluating the student’s ability to adhere to the values of the school and to follow studies in hospitality management.
It should be noted that the written tests represent 40% of the overall average and the oral interview mark represents 60% of the overall average.


Entrance Examination Fees: Admission examination fees are communicated annually by the academic management.



Manager or executive in the business or support functions of the hotel and tourism industry.

Program structure

Pedagogical orientations: Learning by doing


First year (L1): Practical orientation and introduction to the hotel and restaurant professions, as well as to the principles of management.

  • Second year (L2): Putting into practice the knowledge acquired with an internship planned at the beginning of the semester and introduction to hotel management in the second semester.
  • Third year (L3): Strengthening of analytical, managerial and behavioral skills in the field of hotel management and catering.

Training offer

Bachelor’s degree in management sciences, hotel and catering management option, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS), with the academic council of the prestigious Lausanne Hotel School (EHL).



The training is intended for graduates wishing to acquire skills in hospitality management and direct their career towards the hotel and catering trades.

A new and unique learning experience in Algeria


Study program established by the prestigious Lausanne Hotel School (EHL) and modern infrastructures, multiple workspaces, educational tools and high quality work materials.

An interactive pedagogy that values student participation in small classes with an optimal learning experience.

Accessibility and availability of faculty members. the courses are constantly updated thanks to the involvement of academic bodies and the links maintained with the hotel industry.

The bachelor’s degree course is characterized by respect for a balance between practice and theory with a competent approach in setting educational objectives.

The school is a “practical hotel” that allows students to put into practice the knowledge acquired in class and in the laboratory.




Cycle: 1st cycle
Level: Bac + 3
Study regime: Full time
Mode of teaching: Face-to-face
Credits: 180 credits (30 Credits per semester)