Our values

The ESHRA values are:

  • Excellency
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Excellence: It is characterized by a constant commitment to delivering the best possible service and an optimal student experience by deploying innovative processes with confirmed expertise in hospitality education. Excellence also manifests in sensitivity towards aesthetic taste, practical arts in hospitality professions, and a commitment to doing the job well.Professionalism: Professionalism lies in mastering the professional rules commonly accepted in hospitality and education sectors. It also involves teamwork, trust, result-oriented approach, and customer orientation. It means respecting commitments and quality requirements towards clients, partners, and colleagues.Responsibility: Responsibility is a fundamental factor that has a decisive impact on the professional future of the student. We foster the student’s commitment to take positive and corrective actions, to put themselves in others’ shoes before making a decision. A responsible person is a serious individual who thinks carefully and considers the consequences of their actions.

    Ethics: Ethics encompass mutual respect, integrity, transparency, impartiality, fairness, honesty, as well as compliance with regulations and requirements related to hospitality professions in general, and education in particular. Ethics is rooted in a mindset that acknowledges diversity, merit, and potential. It also covers good governance rules and respect for rights, obligations, and professional confidentiality within the scope of each individual’s actions within the institution.

Our mission

Our Mission:

To educate talents for careers in the hospitality and restaurant industry in Algeria and Africa, and to continuously transmit knowledge, skills, and updated know-how to stakeholders – students, teachers, industry, and the market in general.

ESHRA targets two main markets: firstly, the primary market, which includes future students, and secondly, the industry, which will be the consumer of our “student” products.

In parallel, ESHRA conducts hospitality and restaurant activities, as well as sports activities, serving both local and foreign clients, in both B2B and B2C contexts.

Our vision

The vision of ESHRA is to become a center of excellence in the hospitality industry.


Let’s shape together the culture of excellence and the passion for our professions