Since its creation, ESHRA aims to go beyond the limits of schools and training institutes present in Algeria, it positions itself on a different and high quality offer, both in terms of the educational approach and in terms of the professional integration of students. The differentiation of the positioning of the ESHRA is based around a training offer whose characteristics are as follows:


  • The quality of teaching that offers a balanced combination of theory and practice.
  • Putting into practice the knowledge acquired during the courses within the school with the concept of application hotel.
  • Academic collaboration with a variety of training schools and international organizations operating in the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • A teaching body that benefits from a high qualification with extensive experience in the fields taught.
  • A thorough student admissions process.
  • Rigorous monitoring and coaching of students during and after the university course.
  • Modern infrastructure, multiple workspaces and high quality teaching tools.