The Higher School of Hotel and Restaurant Management of Algiers (ESHRA): A Beacon of Hospitality Excellence in Algeria

At the heart of Algeria’s hospitality industry, ESHRA stands as a symbol of excellence. Since its inception, our institution has built a strong reputation based on quality, perfection, and professionalism—values that permeate every facet of our operations.

Our commitment to innovation and the future constantly propels us to redefine educational standards. We endeavor to meet the evolving needs of our sector, economy, and nation by nurturing the next generation of hospitality and restaurant professionals.

ESHRA epitomizes quality education, robust partnerships, and cutting-edge infrastructure. We don’t just adhere to standards; we set them. Continuously raising the bar, we inspire our students to pursue excellence in all their endeavors.

The investment in our infrastructure reflects the government’s vision, recognizing the pivotal role of the hospitality industry in our country’s economic development. Tourism, with its diverse professions, stands as a vital driver of growth for Algeria. Our school plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s key stakeholders.

As part of our forward-looking strategy, we embrace new challenges, expanding our horizons to encompass a spectrum of hospitality and restaurant-related professions. We are committed to reaching diverse audiences across Algeria and Africa through tailored programs addressing specific needs.

We have our sights set on a continent in flux, attracting an increasingly discerning tourist demographic. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, a professional seeking skill enhancement or career redirection, or an individual seeking new opportunities, our school provides the material, pedagogical, and academic resources to equip you with market-relevant skills.

The tourism sector continues to evolve, offering new opportunities and unprecedented professions. Our programs are designed to empower learners to adapt to the changing landscape, requirements, and advancements in this dynamic field. Our teaching approach strikes a perfect balance between theory and practice, ensuring a robust and customized education aligned with current and future demands.

As the Director of ESHRA, I am committed to upholding our institution’s position at the forefront of educational excellence, fostering innovation, and supporting our students on their journey to success. I take pride in our institution, our dedicated team, and our talented students, eagerly anticipating the future.

Welcome to ESHRA, where we shape the future leaders of the hospitality industry.

Warm regards,


Pr. Abdelkader HADIR

General manager