Tuition fees

B2B Tuition Fees:

Net Price: 950,000 DZD per student. VAT 09%: 85,500 DZD per student. Total Price: 1,035,500 DZD per student.

In words: One million thirty-five thousand five hundred DZD per student for the entire duration of the program.

Note: Payment in 2 installments: 50% upon registration and 50% after 6 months of training.

B2C Tuition Fees:

Net Price: 779,817 DZD per student. VAT 09%: 70,183 DZD per student. Total Price: 850,000 DZD per student.

In words: Eight hundred fifty thousand DZD per student for the entire duration of the program.

Note: Payment in 5 installments: first installment of 250,000 DZD upon registration and 4 installments of 150,000 DZD each throughout the training.

Related Services: Possibility of on-site accommodation and catering (these related expenses are not included in the tuition fees).


Admission Requirements:

  • Holders of a high school diploma (from any series) with 5 years of proven experience in the tourism and/or hospitality sector.


  • Holders of other diplomas (BTS and TS in hospitality, catering, tourism, or other disciplines) with 10 years of experience in top or middle management positions in the tourism and/or hospitality sector.

Selection of Potential Candidates:

  • Review of candidates’ applications (CV, academic background, and professional experience).
  • Oral evaluation interview to assess candidates’ aptitude for the program.

In partnership with INSAG and Collège de Paris (KEYCE tourism), ESHRA launches in May 2024 an “Executive MBA in Hospitality Management.”


Program Structure

The training program presented below offers a holistic and multidimensional approach to the hospitality industry, tailored to the current and future challenges of the sector.


ESHRA, in partnership with INSAG and Collège de Paris (KEYCE tourism), is launching an “Executive MBA in Hospitality Management” in May 2024: The hospitality industry, a sector in constant evolution, requires professionals who are agile, creative, and possess solid expertise in management.

Our Executive MBA in Hospitality Management is designed to transform you into a visionary leader ready to tackle contemporary challenges in this sector.


First promotion.

Tentative Launch Date:

Beginning of May 2024.

Duration of the Program:

350 hours of training spread over 16 months, with sessions held on 3 days per month (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

Training Objectives:

After this training, you will be able to lead:

  • EHT (Extended Hospitality Team) development strategy: Forge a long-term vision for EHTs, maximizing profitability and service quality.
  • Operational strategy and Business Plan: Develop robust plans that adapt to market changes for consistent growth.
  • EHT steering and management: Optimize operations by fostering innovation and continuous training.
  • Financial optimization: Master finance to ensure profitability and sustainable growth.
  • Leadership and team management: Lead diverse teams, promoting a culture of excellence.
  • Communication strategy: Strengthen the image of EHT by developing targeted and effective communications.

Why Choose this Executive MBA?

In addition to technical skills, we emphasize personal development, leadership, and emotional intelligence. You will also benefit from a rich professional network, company visits, and interventions by industry experts.

Choose a comprehensive, practical, and future-oriented training to accelerate your career in hospitality. Join us!

Faculty and Pedagogy:

  • Faculty composed of university professors and high-level local professionals and foreign experts.
  • Competency-oriented teaching (competency objectives).
  • High-quality pedagogical engineering involving continuous assessment and improvement of teaching methods.